Not all time capsules are cracked opened to reveal shiny, pristine tokens of the past.  Just ask the organizers of a recent reveal in Bay City, Michigan. After 50 years, they decided to take a peek inside a metal box buried in 1965.   What they found was a wet, disappointing mess.


    The John F. Kennedy Peace Capsule wasn't slated to be opened until 2065, but the city decided to move ahead with the early opening.  Aside from soggy bags of what was once considered valuable information from those who compiled the items years ago, there were dinner plates, boots, a coffee grinder and ice tongs.


                                                      (Photo: Bay County Historical Society)

    One Bay City resident was on hand for the opening and told that 50 years ago, his dad wrote a letter to be added to the time capsule, along with a check for $3.00 to cover the cost of adding it to the capsule.  When he asked his dad what the letter said his dad replied, "You'll find out in 100 years."  Unfortunately, that won't happen due to the irreparable damage caused by the leaky capsule.  Items that had been wrapped in plastic bags were merely black watery blobs.  Luckily, technology has moved ahead to make time capsules more weather resistant.  Heritage Time Capsules is a great example of how you can use the right materials for preservation that will stand the test of time so generations can have an exciting, and enlightening opening in the years to come. 


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