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Mark your calendars, Bostonians. Next Thursday, October 9, the 113-year-old time capsule recently found in the head of the Old State House’s golden lion statue will be opened.

The time capsule’s existence was confirmed last week after an inspection of the lion statue at Skylight Studios in Woburn. Conservator Robert Shure found a copper box inside the lion’s head that is believed to contain various items from 1901.

To get to the capsule, officials will carefully remove the lion’s crown to get inside the lion’s head, Bostonian Society’s Heather Leet told The bars securing the capsule will then be cut, and the copper box will be opened.

The lion and unicorn statues were taken down last month for repairs and restorations. The capsule was first written about in a 1901 article in The Boston Globe, but had long been forgotten over the years. Bostonian Society executive director Brian LeMay came across that article recently, leading to last week’s discovery.

According to that article, the box contains photos of political officials of the day, a Boston map, then-contemporary newspapers, and other documents.

The grand opening will take place at 11 a.m. at Skylight Studios in Woburn, and is only open to invited guests. We’ll be sure to update when the big day arrives.


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Mar 05, 2015

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