Just in time for Halloween, some western New York colleges are exploring their haunted histories with one school questioning whether spirits could be drawn to a buried time capsule on school grounds. Hope Dunbar, special collections archivist at State University of New York Buffalo State says that a time capsule was encased in the walls of Rockwell Hall at Buffalo State in 1929, which some think could be a magnet for paranormal activity at the school.  WGRZ interviewed researcher and author Mason Winfield about area schools' haunted histories.     Winfield says one of the most haunted of area colleges is Fredonia.  He says, "Fredonia, appears to be very near, if not on top of, two Native American earthworks."  Winfield adds, "Religious sites everywhere tend to pick up visions." Paranormal researchers have studied presumably haunted college dorms and buildings believing that the commotion from students could energize lingering spirits into playing pranks on the living. For generations, he says Fredonia students have reported lights, TVs and bathroom faucets turning on and off by themselves in one specific building.  Winfield says there's also been a lot of ghostly activity at the University of Buffalo, which could be related to its history as a mental institution, house for the poor, a hospital and burial grounds for patients.  There are plenty of skeptics who don't believe in ghosts but Buffalo State's Holly Dunbar says, "I think with Buffalo being as old as it is, it's sort of fun around Halloween to start to think about the people that used to inhabit the buildings." 

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