Now that you've collaborated with your town, church, college or business to invest in future generations by filling a time capsule, what in the world do you put inside it?  For answers to that question, we can look to examples of time capsules that have been unearthed over the years that have successfully brought the past to the present. Paul Revere and Sam Adams knew what to put into their time capsule and how to bury it, judging from the way it was found in 2015, intact and perfectly preserved after 200 years.

    Not all time capsules attract fan-fare like our country's forefathers. You can make one at home using a simple metal box or use a professional kit from Heritage Time Capsules and fill it with items you use in your everyday life, pictures, mementos and pop culture references. tackled time capsule how-tos and shared their ideas on building a capsule from start to finish.

    Unfortunately, there have been many time capsule "fails," where contents have been destroyed by years of water damage, mildew and rust.  Some capsules have been lost entirely since they were never documented by the creators. Remember, you don't always have to dig up the yard to bury your time capsule six feet under.  Lots of people store them inside their homes or businesses, in an attic or closet, to be opened years from now by the next generation.  Still to this day, as it was 200 years ago, it's incredible how the excitement of creating, hiding and finding a time capsule never gets old! 

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