Wondering what to do with relatives after gifts are exchanged and the holiday meal is over? Folks at Michigan State University Extension says you can fill awkward silence with a fun family time capsule activity that can bring all ages together and preserve memories for future generations.  Shannon Lundquist of MSU Extension blogged this week that families can grab this opportunity to take part in a meaningful activity and start filling a time capsule together.  Lundquist writes, "Holiday gatherings are a great opportunity to get started since many relatives are often in attendance. One or two family members (don’t rule out older youth) need to take the lead in explaining the project and giving guidelines and suggestions as to what can be included in the time capsule."

                                                                          Photo: Pinterest

     MSU Extension has even provided several time capsule links on their website for families to print out directions and questionnaires to get the ball rolling for insightful conversations with relatives. Besides deciding what to put into a family time capsule, thoughts have to be made on what container to store your items in, where it will be kept and when it should be opened. The Legacy Project is one resource to download free online games, crafts and quizzes to include in your time capsule. MSU Extension's 4-H Family Folklore site takes a different approach outside of just filling in a family tree.  They use the Family Folkpatterns Project to illustrate family history in a more interesting way in how they tie generations together.  Their goal is to help people, through organized activities, pass down personal, funny and heartfelt family stories and traditions that translate to relatives alive today.  MSU's Lundquist writes, "A family time capsule is a wonderful way to celebrate your extended family and find connections that were unknown before the project. This can bring us closer together." For more information on time capsule products and ideas, visit  Happy Holidays! 





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