Two moose were found frozen in battle in a remote village in Alaska this month, their entwined antlers poking through an icy time capsule depicting a scene of Survival of the Fittest. Experts say, while one moose was injured in the fight over either a female or territory, he likely fell dragging the battle "winner" down with him into a stream, their antlers locked together.

    The moose were found by middle school teacher, Brad Webster and a friend taking a walk in Unalakleet, Alaska, a small village along the western coast.  Webster says the two were walking and came upon the antlers sticking out of the iced over water. He says, "It was a very interesting experience." 

                                                                                   (Photo: Mark Heinz via Twitter)

     Jeff Erikson, a life-long hunter and resident of the village says he has never seen anything like this. The end of the moose rutting season, frozen in time, has left an image for Erikson that he will never forget. He says, "It was such a surreal sight, so serene and quiet, but a stark vision of how brutally harsh life can be."  Webster says he plans to mount the animals to display at a nearby bible camp where he volunteers. 

                                                                                                           (Photo: NPS)

    Moose rutting or mating behaviors have been studied for over 30 years by the National Park Service. Researchers say bull moose are up to 1,600 pounds and during their fights over a female, their neck muscles expand twice their size. It's no wonder their intricate antlers and mighty strength could lead to deadly results, in this case, for both animals.  


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