(Photo: Chelsea Henderson/The News)
    The long and winding road of the history of time capsules has made it to the modern podcast world on Holly and Tracy, podcast hosts of  Stuff You Missed in History Class, took a deep dive into all things time capsule in their 2015 episode and recently revisited their discussion due to recent listener interest posted on their Twitter and Facebook page.  The show revealed just how controversial time capsules can be when it comes to what to include inside to depict history, when to open it, and who gets to decide what is finally locked away for future generations to find.  
    Time capsules have been around for thousands of years, on purpose, such as  marking the grave of an important figure, or by mistake, like the city and residents of Pompeii, hauntingly preserved under volcanic ash and pumice when Mount Vesuvius erupted in Italy in AD 79.  The Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast delves into the exciting history of America's oldest known time capsule, set in place by Paul Revere and Sam Adams in the Massachusetts State House in 1795, as well as some time capsule fails, where the contents were a little boring or soggy from the elements. The hosts say that the drama of what to put into a time capsule and when to open it doesn't take away from the civic pride time capsules instill for the people burying it, and for those who find it years from now.  Here's the podcast link to listen in on time capsule history! 

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