A perfumed time capsule has been designed to help the world's first theme park scenting company celebrate their 50th year in business.  AromaPrime located in the town of Rochdale near Manchester, England has provided theme parks with their memory-inducing, nostalgic scents placed throughout theme park rides and attractions since 1973.Since the early 1990's, they've worked with Alton Towers Resort, cleverly adding scents within the path of riders and attraction-goers to enhance their experience at their theme park.  To mark AromaPrime's 50th birthday, and to celebrate the long-time collaboration with Alton Towers, a new time capsule has been filled with the park's many iconic smells and sealed for the next 50 years.  AromaPrime's Liam Findlay, Theme Park & Historical Scenting Consultant said, "It's brilliant to celebrate the strong and creative bond we have with Alton Towers Resort. So many visitors to the theme park have fond memories connected to the smells we have created together."

     AromaPrime has been credited with enriching the theme park with smells of "alien egg nest" for the Nemesis Sub-Terra ride, a smoky, woody waft for the Wicker Man roller coaster and a musty stench for the Hex attraction. Findlay says, "It was exciting to fill our time capsule with smells like Woodsmoke, Cabbage Soup and Musty, with the idea that those who open it up in another 50 years can sniff what the park once smelt like - time travel via smell!" Alton Towers plans on working with AromaPrime to cook up more atmospheric smells in the future.  Findlay says, "We've filled our 50th anniversary time capsule with lots of exciting pieces of our history, connecting to Alton Towers and AromaPrime."  The smelly time capsule was filled with the fragrances developed for the park over the years as well as leaflets about AromaPrime's history and a letter to the people who open the capsule a half a century from now. Findlay says, "We've got all sorts of smells that have been put into the Alton Tower rides over the years...we're asking the people that open the time capsule in the future what smells around now -  and what smells from the time capsule they still recognize, because you never know...what smells might still be around in 50 years." 

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