(Dothan High School)
    Teachers across the country celebrated the once-in-a-lifetime "TwosDay" 02/22/22 with time capsules for their students this month.  The project was posted on teacher message boards and the time capsule idea caught on with schools nationwide.  Students from first grade to seniors in high school filled their time capsules with a letter to themselves and items that hold special meaning.  Students were instructed to open their time capsules on 03/03/33. was in Columbia, Illinois at Immaculate Conception School watching kids make history.
    Immaculate Conception School's first grade teacher, Mandy Borgmeyer says, "I think I just want them to have a snapshot of this moment right now - the community we built this year, the respect and the care we had for one another and just remembering their friends, and hopefully me!" Her class dressed in tutus, twin outfits with friends and celebrated everything "two."
    While some schools like Dothan High School in Alabama buried their time capsules, elementary kids brought their time capsules home to store until 03/03/33.  Dothan City Schools posted on social media last week saying, "Where do you see yourself in 11 years? We asked our 1st Graders that same question and guess what?! They will be our Senior Class of 2033!" In some students' letters, they wondered if they would continue to play soccer, still want to be an astronaut or think some of their favorite things were still cool.  Teacher Jenny Neff says, "It brings tears to my eyes thinking of these first graders as seniors, but it will be here before we know it." 

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