Finding a time capsule inside the walls of your house is one thing, but finding the person who left it for you is even more special.  That's what happened to one couple in Cherry Hill, New Jersey when they were having repairs completed on their home.  Homeowners, Kristin and Vince Clerico found a handwritten letter dated and signed by a woman named Gail Horn in 1966.  The letter was rolled up in tin foil with a newspaper, a copy of Teen Magazine and a lucky penny. Kristin Clerico says contractors found the time capsule and she immediately took to Facebook to show off their discovery. She says, "This is too cool not to share." 

    When the family posted on their community Facebook page, residents recognized the house and started tagging Gail London who had grown up and worked in the area.  Before you know it, all parties were connecting on Facebook and Zoom. was there to capture one of the online meetings.

    London says, "I knew we were going to move, and I decided I was going to put a time capsule together to make sure that whoever lived in that house would know who I was in the future." Clerico added, "Well, we found ya!" Both women realized early on in their conversations that there were several similarities between them in their life in the house.  The couple attended the same schools as London, shared a birthday and even had a swing set in the same spot in the backyard that London's family had 55 years ago. 

    The Clerico's are expecting their third child in December so they're planning to move and leave the time capsule for the next owners to find.  Kristin says, "Hopefully, the next people that do come, I kind of want to leave it for them and that the history stays with the house."

    London says the family could add to her time capsule or leave one of their own, detailing their family's experience in the house.  She adds, "Cherish every moment, because life happens in a blink. Make happy memories, that's what I wish for you guys." 


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