A Staten Island, New York couple did their part in restoring faith in mankind by returning a treasure chest found in their backyard, valued at more than $50,000.  Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel thought the rusty, metal box hidden behind trees in their yard was old electrical or cable equipment, but when they had to dig around it, they realized it was a safe.  Colonna-Emanuel says when they popped it open, the safe was stuffed with water-soaked hundreds and plastic bags filled with jewelry and gold.  He told WCBS New York that when he noticed an address of a neighbor scrawled on a piece paper slipped in between the valuables, he knew this time capsule treasure had to be returned. Colonna-Emanuel says, "First, I knocked on the door and I asked them if they were robbed and they said they were." He says his neighbor was visibly shaking when she was told the safe that was stolen from her home in 2011, was found buried right down the street.  Police had told the neighbor it was likely she would never see the safe again.  Colonna-Emanuel and his wife, Maria never thought about keeping the cash, diamonds and rings.  Maria says, "It wasn't even a question. It wasn't ours." Although the couple isn't expecting a monetary reward from their neighbors, they are hoping for a life of good karma. 

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