Preservation kit with archival accessories from Heritage Time Capsules
Preservation kit with archival accessories from Heritage Time Capsules Static Shielding Bag for archiving and preserving time capsule items Padded Pouch for preserving items in time capsule Water Vapor Absorbing Desiccant for placement into time capsule Archival Buffered Envelope for holding documents and photos in a time capsule Heavy Duty 3 Mil re-closable Poly bag to keep items separated during time capsule preservation Mylar Sleeves for storing photos and documents during time capsule storage
Total   $139.00

The Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Museum contain some of the most treasured artifacts in world history. They make every accommodation possible to ensure the artifacts are preserved to "Museum Quality", including temperature control, humidity control, air purification, light inhibition, and physical protections.

Although the artifacts in your Heritage Time Capsule will not include the Constitution, the first American flag, or a fine piece of art, there are some things that can be used which will dramatically improve the level of preservation for the items in your Heritage Time Capsule.


  • (30) Permanent Bond, Letter size paper, Buffered
  • (1) Archival Marking pencil
  • (4) 4.5”x 6.5” Polyester L-seal envelopes
  • (4) 8”x10” Polyester L-seal envelope
  • (5) 5 3/8”x7 3/8” Micro Chamber Envelope
  • (5) 8.5”x10.5” Micro Chamber Envelope
  • (3) 9”x12” Foam Pouches
  • (4) 6”x8” Reseal able Static Pouch
  • (2) 14”x24” 6mil Reclosable Bag
  • (1) 14”x14” 6mil Reclosable Bag
  • (2) Desiccant Pack