debbie cakes

(Photo: Debbie Goard)

    There may come a day 100 years from now when someone in your town will be over the moon about looking through that newspaper you just recycled or to hold your coffee cup from that popular coffee chain back in the day called Starbucks. Time capsules are on the rise to help people envision a day in your shoes. You can fill capsules with almost anything like a gas receipt for your hybrid car, a menu from your favorite restaurant, or ticket stubs from a local baseball game. These capsules are providing people with the chance to literally make history. More and more groups are thinking outside (actually, inside!) the box for fundraisers and milestone celebrations. People want a creative way to mark anniversaries of towns, sports teams, schools – you name it. The experts at Heritage Time Capsules have created hundreds of customized containers that can stand the ravages of time using cutting-edge materials. From start to finish, there is a plan to preserve your memories and take them into the future. And there really is an art to preserving the past.  Recently, folks found a time capsule from 1950 buried in Brooklyn, NY but when they opened it, only rusty water, some damaged goods and a nickel remained. What a bummer!

          (Photo: Valerie Heinmets/Gothamist) 

    Time capsule technology is thankfully up to the task for future projects.  From the smallest boxes to be safely stored in your closet to a community-sized chest to be buried in the center of town, groups are making a move to leave their story behind, and intact!

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