(Photo: Brad Doherty/The Brownsville Herald)
    Just another day at the office turned out to be an epic unveiling of the past for the city of Brownsville, TX this week.  Brownsville Chamber of Commerce President Maria Hall was getting a jump on spring cleaning at her office and found a copper time capsule dating back to 1926. The metal shoebox-sized treasure was first found by a construction worker in 1970 after the original building was demolished. Back then, the box was in amazing condition when it was opened and later resealed and placed in the chamber president's office until it was rediscovered Monday.  Eugene Fernandez, curator of the Old City Cemetery said the capsule was filled with a treasure trove of historical artifacts and city documents. 
(Photo: Brad Doherty/The Brownsville Herald)
    Fernandez says the time capsule was placed in a cornerstone of the first Brownsville Chamber of Commerce building almost 90 years ago. The Historical Association is creating an exhibit to display the found documents along with 16mm film reels preserved since the 1920's and 30's. In one reel, the first ever "Charro Day" is recorded from 1937.  Celebrating Brownsville's bi-national friendship and respect for close neighboring Mexico, Charro Day was created to lift community spirits during difficult times after the Great Depression.  
    It just so happens that the Rio Grande area's biggest event is coming up February 22 to March 1.  Brownsville's "office cleanup time capsule" should be a fun topic for residents to discuss while celebrating the city's rich history.  


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