(Photo: Chloe Palma Sommers)
    A little moisture and mold didn't dampen the excitement of Baltimore's history lovers this week as a time capsule from 1815 was discovered in the city's Mount Vernon area.  This is the second time capsule that has been found in a cornerstone of Baltimore's Washington Monument.  Construction workers were digging a pit for a sewage tank and found an unusual square stone that encapsulated four glass jars filled with newspapers and coins from the era.  This time capsule was documented in historical accounts, but the exact location was never known until this week.  Lance Humphries of the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy told WJZ-TV in Baltimore that this incredible find will be carefully examined and preserved with help from local museum curators.
(Photo: Remsberg, Inc)
    Humphries says "We really don't know what we're going to do yet. We have conservators from the Walters Art Museum who are advising us right now about what's the best thing for the long term preservation of the items."
The monument was the first ever built to honor President George Washington and also served as a reminder of the defeat of the British in 1814. The area is currently undergoing a $5.5 million renovation to restore it's original beauty.
    Townspeople watched the cornerstone being placed for the structure on July 4, 1815.  The completion of the restoration of the Washington Monument is slated for late spring with a bicentennial extravaganza planned on the Fourth of July. The second time capsule discovery has made an impression on the city, but especially the crew that unearthed the gem.  George Wilk II of Lewis Contractors says, "I don't know another feeling in all my days on the Earth that matched that..."

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