Not all time capsules are buried and unearthed 100 years later.  Students at the Glenville National School in County Cork, Ireland witnessed the opening of their school's paint tub time capsule buried only 15 years ago.  Their school is rebuilding and expanding so the relatively "new" capsule had to be moved.  School Principal Mike O'Donnell says the kids were intrigued by the contents of the capsule, many seeing items like outdated floppy disks and currency for the first time.

    The primary school opened in 1953 but had to be rebuilt to accommodate the growing student population in the town. The capsule held an unreadable computer disk with all of the enrolled students names in 2000, but luckily, it also contained a paper copy so names could be easily read.  Glenville invited students from that era to come back for the unveiling, and also asked their retired priest, Father Denis Cashman, who had placed a blessed medal inside to protect its contents through the years.  Father Cashman says of the construction plans, "It wasn't done without prayer, holy and some unholy!"   
                                                                                                         (Photo: Niall Murray/Irish Examiner)
Glenville's Principal Mike O'Donnell lifts the 15 year old time capsule with the help of Father Denis Cashman while former student Robert Kelleher looks on. 
    Students were treated to the time capsule's buried millennium-era maps that had already changed.  Jessica O'Leary of Glenville told sixth grade students, "Look at the atlas, the countries that make up Europe are now very different to that in 2000.  And look at how the border of Yugoslavia has changed."  Now, the students can help select what will go back into the time capsule before it is reburied.  The school says this time, they are hoping it stays covered for at least 50 years. 






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