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The Ravages of Time Hit 1965 Time Capsule

    Not all time capsules are cracked opened to reveal shiny, pristine tokens of the past.  Just ask the organizers of a recent reveal in Bay City, Michigan. After 50 years, they decided to take a peek inside a metal box buried in 1965.   What they found was a wet, disappointing mess.                                                                                                                                      (

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When is a Good Time to Open a Time Capsule?

    A time capsule buried under a statue in 1986 was found unexpectedly last week in Rochester, Minnesota and city leaders wonder if it's too soon to open it. "I have to do some thinking about that," Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede told the Rochester Post-Bulletin. "Obviously, we could open it now, or we...

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Lucky Irish Students Open Millennium Time Capsule

    Not all time capsules are buried and unearthed 100 years later.  Students at the Glenville National School in County Cork, Ireland witnessed the opening of their school's paint tub time capsule buried only 15 years ago.  Their school is rebuilding and expanding so the relatively "new" capsule had to...

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