(Photo: North Gibson School Corp)

    Builders of two schools in Princeton, Indiana knew how to leave their mark on their town over a century ago, with the burial of three time capsules in their schools' foundations.  Dr. Eric Goggins, Superintendent of the North Gibson School Corp says two time capsules were found in the old Princeton High School from 1912, and one in neighboring Franklin School placed in 1922.  He says, "There was some documentation from articles in the Clarion from 1912 that we were aware of that were stating that there was a time capsule in the cornerstone." 

    Inside, organizers found mounds of old newspapers, manuscripts and ribbons from the local fair.  The former Princeton High School has been sold to developers so finding the capsules was essential before the land is cleared for new construction.  Goggins says, "It certainly doesn't rest easy on us that a building from 1912, the main building, as well as all the other buildings on the site are going to come down."  Former students and residents say the time capsules provide a sense of comfort in the shadow of the demolition. Former student Sherri Mays says, "With the time capsule, we can keep the history there and build from that."  

     Princeton Mayor Greg Wright says of the time capsules, "You put into perspective the way the people dressed, their attitudes, they way they spoke, it's like looking through a window back in time."  Items will be preserved as a new time capsule will be placed at the current high school this fall.  Students plan to fill their capsule with tickets from the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies, school sports memorabilia and scrapbooks in hopes to be remembered 100 years from now.   

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