A church in western Poland claims it has uncovered the oldest time capsule in the world.  Renovations at Church of St. Stanislaus in Wschowa, Poland revealed a copper box that was apparently placed in the church spire back in 1726.  Dates still have to be verified but this discovery would make Sam Adams and Paul Revere's 1795 Boston time capsule, found in 2014, now the second oldest time capsule on record.  The Wschowa Museum reports that, 'the time capsule,  consisting of four packages from 1726, 1786, 1884 and 1914, was extracted from the sphere at the top of the tower of the parish church.'
    Inside the box, museum conservators found neatly wrapped packages tied with twine that contained 300 old coins from the 18th and 19th centuries, medals, newspapers and piles of documents related to the small town. There was a parchment written in Latin which detailed a horrific fire that engulfed the town and destroyed the church at one time. Another interesting twist was finding a small bullet hole on the front of the time capsule which then led to the discovery of the bullet that pierced through the side, lying amongst the treasures. 
    Although dates have to be authenticated for the time capsule to be crowned Oldest in the World, Wschowa has a long history that has been documented since 1136.  Reports say the town was a prosperous hub in the Middle Ages and went on to be the 'unofficial capital of Poland' during the 18th century.  According to museum authorities, this time capsule could be 35 years older than its counterpart in Boston.   

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