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    The contents of a 98-year old time capsule that was recovered underneath the outgoing statue of General Philip Schuyler in Albany, New York were finally revealed.  The copper box housed a 48-star flag, mounds of letters, an 1876 Atlas, coins, maps and a book collection about Albany.  WNYT's Subrina Dhammi covered the time capsule's unveiling and provided a deep-dive into the city's history.
    General Schuyler was the head of a wealthy Albany family who went on to become a New York lawmaker, a United States senator, and a major general during the Revolutionary War. Schuyler was also good friends with George Washington. His accomplishments led to the placement of the seven-foot-tall statue directly across from City Hall almost a century ago.
    At a press conference this month, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan read aloud a deed that was left in the time capsule detailing where the contents should be stored upon opening, and who should be in charge of the preservation of its contents.  She read, with a bit of humor as she is a woman leading the city, what was written by George Hawley on May 7, 1925. Hawley wrote, "This box and its contents are hereby given to the Mayor or Chief Executive Officer of the City of Albany, New York, to be placed by him in the custody of a historical society of the City of Albany, which in his judgement shall be best fitted to use and preserve the same."
    The artifacts are now in the hands of the Albany Institute of History and Art.  Curator Diane Shewchuk says, they are "...honored to add the contents of the time capsule to its collection, to interpret the many stories within, and to preserve the artifacts for future generations."

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