Holiday shopping for a relative or a friend who seems to already have everything is tough this time of year. You can almost hear the clock ticking down as you race through the mall or comb the internet looking for the perfect gift. Usually though, the simplest gifts turn out to be the best and most appreciated.  Hallmark Cards, the leaders in creating heartwarming cards and gifts, says one tradition you can start this year is to create an annual holiday time capsule. You can begin by filling even a simply decorated shoe box with things that signify meaningful times for your family, like tickets from a football game, a concert, a graduation announcement or copies of all of those selfies your kids took.  You could start planning to really wow them next year with an upgraded, durable time capsule that could be added to every year to become a true gift for future generations. For a professional opinion on how it's done, Heritage Time Capsules has years of experience in helping people create personalized time capsules that can store years' worth of momentos.  How fun to document how you spent the holidays, where you were and who was helping you celebrate!  

     Even  assures harried shoppers that there's still time to create the smallest of personal time capsule gifts. You can grab supplies at a craft store and fill clear glass or plastic ornaments with mini baseball bats, tiny toys, notes written by family members - anything that highlights that person's year.  So, yes, it is great to be the Holiday Hero who waited in long lines for the hottest gifts, but time capsule-inspired presents evoke the a feeling of nostalgia for Christmas past, and excitement for another happy and healthy New Year!   

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