A time capsule was recently unearthed in Boston that was believed to be buried by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams 220 years ago.  The contents of that capsule, found under the Massachusetts State House, were announced this week at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Last month, workers repairing a leak at the State House found the time capsule originally buried in the building’s cornerstone in 1795. It took seven hours for conservators to free the 10 pound capsule from the stone that has encased it all of these years.
Michael Comeau and Pam Hatchfield
Conservator Pam Hatchfield shows off an engraved silver plate from the time capsule.
(Photo: MFA)
    Museum and government officials were on hand to witness the big reveal. Michael Comeau, executive director of the Massachusetts Archives, read aloud from an inscription on a recovered silver plate thought to be engraved by Revere himself, “This cornerstone of a building intended for the use of the legislative and executive branches of the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was laid by his Excellency Samuel Adams, Esquire, governor of the said Commonwealth." Comeau added,  “How cool is that?" 
    The Commonwealth was aware of historic accounts of the time capsule’s existence since it was first unearthed in 1855. Back then, its contents were documented and more things were added before it was placed back into the building's cornerstone. In total, they found silver and copper coins dating from 1652 to 1855, the silver plaque, a copper medal of George Washington, old newspapers, calling cards, and pages from state records.  The items will be on display for public viewing at the museum in the near future, but then will be reburied at the State House in the hopes that it will be recovered once more in another 200 years.

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