Right now, you could snap a picture with your smartphone and share it with all of the people in your life in seconds using social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Within a minute, friends anywhere in the world, can simply click a button on their phones or laptops to like your post and comment on all of your important, interesting or light-hearted life moments. This fast-paced virtual interaction is the norm now, but there’s an old fashioned idea catching on of getting together with people in your town, school or family to compile favorite pictures and mementos to preserve items that tell a story for future generations. Time capsules, which date back hundreds of years, are gaining popularity as a perfect way for city leaders, educators, religious groups and even professional sports teams to say “we were here."

     Companies like Heritage Time Capsules can provide groups with everything they need to share a glimpse of these modern times with people 25, 50 or even 100 years from now. And there’s something so inspiring about the collective desire to be storytellers! These capsules are essentially buried treasure chests of information for people to dig up years from now. People are unearthing them all over the country to celebrate community milestones and school reunions as well burying them in the cornerstones of new buildings and sports arenas.  How cool is that?


    The key is to use the right preservation tools and the knowledge of capsule experts to help with the planning, implementation, successful burial and eventual opening of a group’s container. So, even in this point and click age of immediate sharing of life as we know it, time capsules can make all the difference when people want a hands-on tour of the past.  You can get social with Heritage Time Capsules on Facebook, visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @TimeCapsuleGals

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