(Photo: ABC News Chicago)
    Although the doors of Chicago's beloved eatery, Ed Debevic's closed in October after nearly 30 years, a time capsule that was buried on the property in 1989 by entertainment duo Penn and Teller has vanished.  Crews dug into the concrete for over an hour yesterday trying to locate the capsule to give fans and workers of the restaurant an early Christmas present with a trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, the capsule wasn't found. An empty can of Schlitz, a woman's shoe and a piece of a urinal surfaced, but the buried secrets of the restaurant remained hidden. 
    Ed Debevic's released a statement about the event saying, “It was fun to try our hand at archaeology, but we’ll stick with the restaurant biz."  After the 50's-themed restaurant opened in 1984, diners were treated "rudely" by funny servers who would even sit down at your booth to take your order. The restaurant closed last October to make way for new real estate development.  Luckily for Ed's cult following, there are plans to reopen at another location in the near future. Here's NBC Chicago reporter LeeAnn Trotter who was on hand to film the dig and talk to long-time employees who came back in hopes to see the capsule.

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