Brown whiskey bottles have been hidden all around the city of Lebanon, New Hampshire according to a 71-year old time capsule that was uncovered under the steps of City Hall.  An empty bottle of whiskey contained a note from 1944 from former county surveyor, Samuel Stevens claiming that he had hidden more bottles for people to find around town.

     Valley News reports that the handwritten note, dated June 10, 1944 peaked the interest of residents with hints of other time capsules to find, particularly under the Catholic church in town.     One local 10 year old said, "It's like a mystery to figure out where else they could be. It's going to lead us somewhere else, then somewhere else, then somewhere else."   Stevens, who has since passed away, tucked a penny and some newspaper clippings inside the whiskey bottle.  His war-time note apologized for the lack of whiskey but provided residents with excitement and hope to find other buried town treasures.   Here's a transcript of Stevens' note that he placed under the steps of City Hall:

        “This bottle placed by Samuel Stevens June 11, 1944. These steps are now
          being relaid by Alessandro Bettini a good man and a better job than when
         Town Hall was built in 1923. Joseph B. Perley 1st Selectman for 12 years.
         Town out of debt.  The war is on and much hard fighting.  Everybody has
          friends or relatives in this war.  Whoever finds this bottle may keep it.  Sorry
          there is no liquor in it but I drank it all up. I have many bottles buried all over
         Town.  One is under the Catholic Church steps similar to this. Bill Clark is a
         good taxi driver and he knows Mildred Crawford of Hartland, Vermont and so
         do I.  We will all be glad when this war is over – country is 2 Billion in debt. 
         Roosevelt is a good President on his 3rd term.”



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