The holidays usher in the busiest time of year for airports, and in all of the hustle and bustle this week, a 1994 time capsule was found in an upstate New York airport under construction.                                                                                                           (Photo:Lansing Star)
    Mike Hall, Director of the Tompkins Regional Airport in Ithaca, says the time capsule find has been the most exciting part of their $35 million renovation.  He told WENY News that, "One of the most interesting things about the terminal expansion project was discovering the time capsule that was buried 25 years ago." 
              WENY News
    The capsule contained the 1994 program from the terminal Grand Opening ceremony, photos of the staff, original blueprints, a Wegmans grocery receipt and a Sky Mall Magazine from airplanes set to take off from the airport.  Former Manager Robert A. Nichols wrote a letter for the capsule which stated, "Building the new terminal was a fun project and being the airport manager here in Tompkins County has been a very rewarding and interesting job."
    The ITC airport project is designed to modernize the space and double the size of the 1994 building with six gates, four jet bridges, restaurants, bars and a customs facility.  Hall says "We're looking forward to burying the new time capsule, which containers a divider so that we can fill half the capsule with the 1994 items and half with new items that represent our present moment in Tompkins County."  Hall says  they are looking for the public's help to fill the next time capsule that will be buried in 2020. 

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