Photo: Dave Ryan/Dorchester Banner
    In Cambridge, MD, Dorchester County is celebrating the end of another decade in their 350-year history by updating and re-sealing a time capsule that was first dedicated in 1969.  Cambridge city leaders and conservationists, such as Julie Gilberto-Brady of the Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area, are excited to have a chance to add mementos to the original time capsule that was fabricated by a local sheet metal company.  Gilberto-Brady says, "This is history in the making. What is wonderful about this project is that in 50 years, the people who open this time capsule will be finding items that are 100 years old, items like a tercentenary souvenir booklet, newspaper, buttons and other memorabilia from 1969." She adds, "I think the other interesting thing is that the company that fabricated the time capsule in 1969 is still in business in Cambridge today, and they will be re-sealing it for us.”
    Modern elements have been added to the time capsule such as a 2019 movie poster about Cambridge-born freedom heroine, Harriet Tubman, a cell phone, and newspapers.  Gilberto-Brady says they are looking to reunite families with letters and small packages that long-lost relatives left inside the original time capsule before they are archived. She says,  “We are putting out a call to the community to help us connect these treasures with their proper owners. We want people to know that they may have a message from a long-forgotten family member, and what better time to rekindle that connection and those memories than during the holiday season.” The capsule is set to be sealed in the coming weeks.  

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