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    A Warwick, Rhode Island man is a self-professed time capsule geek, getting a kick out of piecing local history together from unearthed time capsules buried around town. Marc Berman, an amateur historian, says it all started a couple of years ago when he heard about a time capsule buried in 1987 on a playground of a soon-to-be-demolished school.  Berman led a group of former students on a dig at Christopher Rhodes Elementary School and found the capsule using old records indicating where it may turn up. Fast forward to earlier this month, Berman says another capsule, this one from 1976, was discovered in the rubble of the old school.  He told WJAR News, "I kind of set myself up as the time capsule guy, so I was the first person they thought of when they found it."    Berman says the newly uncovered time capsule was filled by students in Mr. Wade's class as part of their bicentennial celebration.  He says, "Some of it is simple little craft projects that the class did. We found some slides, which was great because it gave us some context, kind of shows a class doing their presentation in the classroom and outside." Berman says until the items can be displayed, he's using technology to spread the word about the time capsules and local history.  He's been posting live videos on YouTube so people can see what's inside and what was going on in the town when the items were buried. He adds, "It feels kind of like a cross between unwrapping a gift and unwrapping a piece of buried treasure." You can watch Berman's unboxing videos of the foil-wrapped time capsule items by visiting

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