It's Homecoming season for many colleges right now, but one university is celebrating 100 years of education with time capsulesJohn Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas unveiled its 1982 time capsule for the school's 100th anniversary, and plans to bury another one to be opened 50 years from now.  KFSM's 5 News was there for the opening at JBU.

     Inside the capsule, organizers found campus life magazines, pictures of the school, video copies of the 1982 ceremony and papers detailing the fashions and events of the time. Some items were damaged by water, but the school plans to safeguard their new capsule so it's in good condition for the 150th year celebration.   

                                                                                                        (Photo: JBU)

    Brad Edwards was a student when he first heard about the time capsule.  He says, "I remember as a student...hearing that the time capsule will be opened at the 100 year celebration and I thought, 'that's forever away'.  And now that I'm a staff member and have been a part of planning for that celebration, it's overwhelming."

    Students voted to add an iPhone to the new capsule, and the top-grossing movie of all time, Avengers Endgame.  John Brown III, a decent of the founder, said it's a great time for JBU, "I'm just excited for this day and many friends that I've known over the years have come here to celebrate this weekend, so it's a special time." 

    JBU is a private, Christian college founded in 1919 by John Brown.  According to the JBU website, Brown dedicated his family farm to fulfill his dream of "starting a school for economically disadvantaged young people who are rich in aspirations, ideals, personality and integrity."  Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has declared September 29th John Brown University Day in Arkansas. 

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