When people interested in filling and burying a time capsule think about what items should be included in their project, they probably never thought of some of the ideas uncovered by YouTube's channel. Their Top 10 "Craziest Things Found in Time Capsules" video compiles some strange finds that are off the beaten path for your usual newspaper articles and photos. 

    Mojo had a little fun with time capsules by outlining their list of weird relics like an empty whiskey bottle with a joke about drinking the contents prior to burial, political predictions about Italian Dictator, Benito Mussolini, and a 1958 video by an Indiana state hospital touting their now-outdated treatments. One 2013 time capsule was home to "Lisa", the first ever computer mouse Apple's Steve Jobs carved out of wood.  Mojo reported that a piece of cake from 1948 was found in a time capsule in Niagara Falls, New York during the construction of a new funeral home decades later.  Paul Revere's priceless silver coins were revealed in a buried metal box in Boston six years ago in a 1795 time capsule Revere co-buried with Samuel Adams.  One time capsule on the list was one you could live in.  A woman left a whole apartment untouched in Paris after fleeing in World Ward II.  It was discovered in 2010, with all of its original furnishings.  Mojo's number one list topper was a chronicle of very dark times, as one Holocaust survivor wrote a 13-page letter documenting his horrors of living in a concentration camp.  He buried it in a thermos at the camp, survived, but his time capsule wasn't found until after his death.  Mojo's channel illustrates how time capsules can tell all types of stories, the good and the bad, but they're essential in passing our knowledge, lessons and history to  generations to come.  

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