Now that a growing number of Americans are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, one Tennessee school is laying their pandemic school year to rest with a time capsule of lockdown memories.  WTVF visited Richview Middle School in Clarksville to get kids' thoughts on the challenges and highlights of this memorable year.

    Along with masks, toilet paper and personal accounts of students' experiences, pandemic time capsules have provided a way to essentially bury a very bleak time in their lives and think about a brighter future.  Richview's 8th grade teacher Ann Marie Crozier brought her class together for the time capsule burial at the school saying, "I guarantee your parents didn't think this kind of year was going to happen 14 years ago." Students like Sara Haake noted a couple of unexpected positive effects of the lockdown experience, citing less pollution and quality time with their families.  Haake says, "Writing down the things you went through during the last year, it makes you realize it actually wasn't that bad." Richview has joined several other schools nationwide in the pandemic time capsule trend.  Organizers feel the process of collecting good and bad memories of this time and then sealing them away for future generations, is the best way to tell their story.  Thankfully, with careful planning, safeguards and vaccinations this school year, students and parents have enjoyed more in-person graduation ceremonies and end of year activities with the continued hope of returning to normal routines in the fall.  


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