Metal detecting may have shed its "old man on the beach" connotations with one man's unusual find in Washington State, a 100-year-old time capsule.  The time capsule discovery was posted on Reddit shortly after the man unboxed his first-ever metal detector and took it for a spin around his backyard.  The Reddit user, identified as Gtclem0 says, his detector was beeping underneath a tree in his yard, so he started digging.  He says, "I thought it was a pipe so when I was digging, I accidentally stabbed a hole through the tin."  The container labeled, "Kkovah Salts. For the Stomach, Liver & Blood" contained three coins from 1826, 1866 and 1906 as well as a photo of four men, a Christmas card and what looked like a small children's toy. On the back of the photo it reads, "Papa and his friends."

    One Reddit user said: "What a fascinating thing to find. This inspires me to go bury one now." Gtclem0 responded writing, "My goal by posting this was to get people inspired to bury a time capsule so someone might find it in 100 years. I really hope you do, I'm going to bury a few around my town."  Several posts also supported the idea of tracking down the original homeowner to return the items to family members of those who buried the time capsule a century ago. One poster added: "Well that’s pretty cool! I hope you're able to track down the owner, or at least someone connected."  The homeowner says his search has been tough but he'll keep researching.  He commented, "So far, I haven't found anything relevant, but I'm not giving up. I plan on going to my local library to search through home records." The post has over 16,000 upvotes on Reddit and almost 200 comments tracking the popularity of metal detecting for time capsules.  

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