The subscription music service, Spotify is banking on the idea that each and every one of us has a time capsule in our minds that can be unearthed through music.  Spotify just launched a personalized playlist feature for their users in 60 markets called Your Time Capsule. The company's Social Media Market Manager, Alice Lofgren says the music streaming leader's 30-song playlist "is designed to evoke powerful memories from your youth."

   Spotify says subscribers aged 16 to 85 years old can enjoy two hours of iconic throwback tracks that were picked for you based on your age, country and current listening pattern. It may seem a bit odd that someone is taking a peek at your musical life, so to speak, but the most nostalgic tracks of the time can help you revisit the artists, albums and songs that made up the soundtrack of your childhood.  If you'd like to see the app in action, some Spotify subscribers have had some fun by posting You Tube videos of their first listen of their time capsule. According to, as of July 2017, Spotify has 60 million paid subscribers worldwide since its launch in Sweden in 2006.  That's a lot of musical time travel going on out there!  Your Time Capsule can be found at the top of the Home or Decades section of the app's Browse tab if you'd like to take your carefully curated stroll down memory lane. 

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