The contents of a time capsule buried 50 years ago in North Carolina, and unearthed earlier this summer, are finally on display throughout September in the City of Raleigh Museum. Unfortunately, when the metal box was opened in June in the midtown area of North Hills, the contents were drenched in water that had seeped in through the years. But, that didn't dampen the spirits of town residents who gathered to see what was inside, and some witnesses were actually present when the time capsule was buried a half century ago. The city released a YouTube video that featured voice recordings and words from past organizers that wished residents well in 2017. 

     The time capsule was buried June 8th, 1967 at the opening of what was then the Cardinal Movie Theater.  Despite the water damage, residents can visit the museum to see carefully restored Cardinal movie tickets, a 1965 manual of North Carolina, vital statistics for Raleigh at the time, and a key to the city.  Bonner Gaylord, managing director of Kane Realty which owns the shopping center where the capsule was buried, says he's happy the city was able to display the items for people to enjoy this month. Gaylord says, "The time capsule unearthing was exciting because it allowed us to take a step back in time to discover the history of North Hills and the city of Raleigh."  In keeping with the tradition set forth by city leaders in 1967, a new capsule filled with items donated from local schools, government and businesses was buried and will be opened in 50 years.     

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