A time capsule to be opened in 2035 will soon be buried alongside a granite monument celebrating Fort Drum's 10th Mountain Division in Watertown, New York.  The three counties surrounding the army base, and the city of Watertown are keeping their time capsule contents secret until the opening of the capsule at the division's 50th anniversary.  Community and government leaders filled large ammunition boxes with items that tell the story of how much Fort Drum has meant to the community through the years. Gilbert H. Pearsall, Jr. Chair of North Country Honors the Mountain Committee was interviewed for the following video about construction of the monument.

    Volunteers raised over $500,000 for the monument project, which will be revealed right before the city's July 4th celebration in Thompson Park.  This week, Jefferson County Legislator Carolyn D. Fitzpatrick of Watertown called the nearly 20-foot high monument "a real diamond for the men and women who serve our country."

     Fort Drum's 10th Mountain Division, located in New York about 30 miles from Canada, was first developed as a mountain warfare unit specialized in intense training to fight in mountainous or arctic conditions.  The unit has roots in World War II, Somalia, Haiti, Kosovo and Bosnia and since September 11, 2011, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Current Watertown Mayor Joseph M. Butler says the community is thankful for the service and camaraderie of its neighbors. Butler says, "We look forward to the participation with Fort Drum for years to come."  Here's a look back on the monument's groundbreaking ceremony.

    The monument will be unveiled in Thompson Park on July 1st.

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