Usually, time capsules are filled with memories of the past, but last weekend, one man used a time capsule to propose marriage with hopes for a bright future with his long-time girlfriend. Troy Reddington of Ontario, Canada traveled to a spot on Eagle Lake, Ontario where he and girlfriend, Jennifer buried a small time capsule five years ago with lists of their favorite songs, ideal jobs they'd like, and highlights of their then 8 month old relationship.  Reddington says he recently decided to kayak out to the little island where their capsule was buried, dig it up, and replace the buried notes with another jar that popped the question with a message inside. When the pair showed up later in the weekend for a planned dig to find the capsule, Jennifer was surprised by the swapped contents. 

    Jennifer had been filming their time capsule adventure from the start, not realizing she would also capture their engagement. Laura House for Daily Mail Australia interviewed Reddington about the proposal.  He said, "...I snuck out at 3 am with one of the kayaks before work and hiked out to the water and kayaked to the island on my own.  Once I was there, I replaced the old, cleaned-out peanut butter jar with the new one that held a letter wrapped in ribbon and stamped with a red wax stamp.  The letter inside said, 'Will you marry me?' (Jennifer said yes.) The video of the event was shared by the couple on social media, proving that love is alive and well in the world and that time capsules can have a softer side.


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