When you think of time capsules, you often picture ceremonies commemorating a big event for a community, school or business.  You think of people gathered around a time capsule that will be buried or stored away for future generations to open in a 100 years.  One man in Nashville decided to go a step further with the time capsule concept by creating a real-time, walk-in capsule to celebrate the 1980's every day.  Pete Fredrics' time capsule museum has all things 80's on display, such as toys, music, games, dolls, magazines and ordinary household items.

    Fredrics says, "I’m a huge fan of celebrities from the time too – I have one of Michael Jackson's hats, Madonna’s checkbook, Joan Jett’s pants and I have props from the movies including a big Mega Maid from Spaceballs." He adds, "Although I have all these cool things people seem to be more amazed by the simpler stuff that they thought that had forgotten about."


    Fredrics has been filling his time capsule for about 10 years by scouring the internet, garage sales, and antique shops. And it's getting harder to collect vintage items in these modern times. He says, "The 80s are making a comeback now and it’s getting so popular so I really have to fight for these things!"                   

    In his opinion, Fredrics says the 80's were the best time to grow up.  A father to two children, he says, "It was a much simpler time and people always have fondest memories. Things back then felt more important to people because although we had a lot of things available, they were always limited, unlike now."       To follow Fredrics and his retro time capsule journey, he's on Instagram @totally80sroom.  

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