The city of Singapore is placing a final item in its 50th Anniversary Time Capsule this week before sealing the vessel for the next 50 years. The public has been instrumental in choosing which items to include in the time capsule by voting for the best objects that represent the nation's identity, history and culture. The effort, known as SG50, marks the anniversary when Singapore, once a British colony, broke with the Federation of Malaysia to become an independent state in 1965.  Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will place an SG50 Jubilee Walk Marker into the capsule to close the collection.                                                                                         (Photo: Channel News Asia)

   Citizens had a chance to drop messages into the capsule and Zaher Wahab, 34, even donated his commemorative local football (soccer) ticket stub and t-shirt depicting Singapore's win at the Malaysia Cup Final in 1994. Wahab says, "In 2065, I would be around 80.  Hopefully, I will still be around and will want to show my grandchildren 'this is what your granddad donated' to help them relive the past."  The public also voted to include replicas of Post Office Savings Bank ATMs and cards.  Managing director and head of the bank, Susan Cheong explains, "We are the first local bank to bring in the ATM machine.  That was back in 1979, and by 1987, we had issued one million ATM cards. The POSB passbook is an iconic symbol."

                                                                                      (Photo: Channel News Asia)

    Priscilla Chua, a curator at the National Museum of Singapore says the thousands of messages from young and old sharing their hopes and dreams of the future will be well preserved for their journey into the next 50 years. Chua adds, "We have to ensure that they are conserved properly so that in 50 years' time, they won't disintegrate but kept in good condition."

   The symbolic sealing of the SG50 Time Capsule will be held on Friday and later placed at Gardens by the Bay.

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