Workers renovating old mills in Columbus, GA uncorked a bourbon bottle time capsule today, capping off the week with a message from employees who worked there 102 years ago.  Mike Owen of reports that the faded note in the 90-proof bottle was on the letterhead of the City Mills Company.
    Owen says the letter was dated March 3, 1914 written by mill employees to whomever would find it one day.  This week, workers removed a ceiling during renovations and found the typed note rolled up in the bottle. 
    The note read, "The ceiling to our new office is being put on today, March 3, 1914. As a memento, we are writing this and putting it in an Old Ripy bottle (Old Ripy being the official beverage). No doubt when this is found, most of us will have passed away and a new force will be in our places. At any rate, we extend our BEST WISHES."  
    Eleven names were listed below the note, which included company President, George Pearce. The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer tracked down Pearce's granddaughter, Katharine Triplitt, who still lives in the area.  She says she and her sisters have fond memories of visiting her grandfather at work.  Triplitt says, "We were all facinated by that mill."  
    For all of the efforts of workers who created the time capsule over a century ago, and the ones who found it this week, cheers to you!  

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