(Photo: Lunar Mission One)

What parts of your life are worthy of saving onto a disc and burying deep in the moon's surface in a time capsule in the hopes that it's found hundreds, maybe billions of years from now?  Scientists are hoping to plant a time capsule into the moon in the next 10 years filled with detailed information about Earth, and snippets of life from people who live here. NASA has already been using time capsules to commemorate achievements in space here on Earth. The trend now is to go where no time capsule has been buried before - about 65 feet below the moon's surface, possibly more if drilling instruments can make it further.  Lunar Mission One is slated to launch in 2024 if enough supporters buy their spot in history for about $100 each.  The project's start-up funding website, Kickstarter has been documenting progress so far.

Other groups also have their eyes to the sky.  Several top universities are joining forces to raise funds for Time Capsule to Mars.  Leaders of the student-led Mars project say they "will enable millions of people worldwide to upload their digital messages in the form of pictures, audio and video clips and text to be rediscovered by future colonists of the Red Planet." They hope to launch their capsule in 2017. So far, there's been quite a bit of interest already and organizers and scientists hope they can keep the momentum going so they can take time capsules to the next level - the moon!


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